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experience the UNKNOWN GREEK WINE VARIETIES Tasting at your Villa


1.5+ hours


Up to 7 days

Group Size

4 - 16 people


English / Greek

About this activity

Experience the rarest Greek wines in their best expressions with a certified sommelier in the comfort of your own accommodation. Greece has hundreds of indigenous grape varieties, making it one of the most diverse wine producers in the world. Taste the wines that were enjoyed by ancient legends and heroes, carefully selected from small wineries with limited production bottlings. Accompanied by 5 different platters of traditional Greek products, both in their pure and modern forms, this experience is a challenge to your palate and a unique opportunity for a complete wine tasting.  Whatever wines you open to stay with you, so sit back and enjoy the ultimate taste experience. Don’t miss this chance to discover the rarest wine varieties in Europe!

“Explore the history and characteristics of each wine with our sommelier and lose yourself in the heavenly flavors and aromas.”

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Unknown Greek Wine Varieties in the Comfort of Your Accommodation

Have you ever thought to taste the rarest Greek wines in their best expression with a certified sommelier? 
 You are in the right place then!

The indigenous grape varieties of Greece are hundreds, making the country one of the most diverse wine producers and the Greek vineyard one of the richest in the world. Try with our certified sommelier the rarest varieties of Greece in their best expressions (from selected small wineries and limited production bottlings). The wine that the legend says the ancients drank during the Trojan War. The wine that was made the Pramneios wine where the heroes of the Iliad tasted as if they were preparing for battle.

Our sommeliers give you the opportunity to taste – together with the wines they have chosen for you – 5 different platters with traditional products both in their pure and in their more modern alternative versions. Dare to challenge your palate and have a unique experience of complete wine tasting. A well-designed experience by sommeliers to heavenly match each of the Wines, the path of the Ultimate taste experience.

Allow the exquisite aromas and heavenly flavors to transport you, and remember that in culinary pleasures, sharing these tantalizing food platters is an act of pure care and connection, creating memories that linger long after the last sip.

Get on this tour to explore the world of the rarest wine varieties in Europe. Sense with your wine sommelier the different characteristics of each wine enjoy the local homemade goodies which we have carefully paired with each Wine and get lost in the flavors and the aromas.

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minimum persons: 4
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