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experience the WINE and FOOD PAIRING at your Villa


2+ hours


Up to 7 days

Group Size

4 - 16 people


English / Greek

About this activity

Indulge in an unforgettable culinary experience with our Wine & Food Pairing featuring five fresh and delightful Cretan wines paired with traditional Greek and Cretan dishes. Led by our Certified Sommelier, you will learn about the history and secrets of Cretan wine varieties and discover the art of perfect wine and food pairing. Enjoy a heavenly combination of flavors and aromas in the comfort of your accommodation, with the option to request food pairing.  Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the rich gastronomic heritage of Crete!

“Whatever opens at your place stays at your place, so sit back and savor the taste of Cretan culture.”

More Details

A Wonderful Wine Pairing Full of Cretan Aromas

A perfect idea for an evening or noon full of Cretan Aromas, five amazing fresh Cretan Wines, and five traditional Greek and Cretan dishes will make a heavenly pairing for your dinner.

Synergy is the Ultimate objective – the Wine and the Food combine to create a totally new and superior gastronomic effect.
Wine has been paired with food for centuries with the main objective to enhance the dining experience.

You will taste some “classics” which are the results of Cretan Cuisine and wine growing up and merging together.

Our Certified Sommelier will initiate you to the Cretan Wine World by sharing with you all the secrets for a perfect wine & food pairing and some general tips for your personal wine evaluation.

Get ready for an Ultimate Wine & Food Pairing in the Comfort of your Accommodation.

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minimum persons: 4



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